PROOF and other characters

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Due to a bit of miscommunication the copyright and ownership information pertaining to the characters for PROOF have not appeared inside the covers of The Pound. We are correcting this for future printings, but we want to make sure it’s clear that the characters and likeness of PROOF, Agent Ginger Brown, Sheriff Elvis Chestnut and the Dover Demon are Copyright and Trademarks of Alex Grecian and Riley Rossmo.

We thank them again for the use of the characters, and we will keep this post at the top of our home page and our facebook page until this is corrected in the printed books.

Stephan Nilson

More praise – We’ll take it, proudly.

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We’ve found a couple more positive reviews for Ghouls Night Out. Check them out below, we’re happy to say Horror Talk gave us pick of the week!

Horror Talk: That humor is evident in the artwork as well. Ibrahim Moustafa keeps a light tone throughout most of the comic, however he brings the darkness when it’s time to deal with the monsters. It’s a good balance. While there’s a scene with the guys struggling to reel in the lake monster, it looks fun without being hokey or silly.

Read Comic Books: After reading The Pound, you get the sense an authentic sense of humanity that you discover in this world. From the introduction scene of a Lagoon monster intimidating a teenager at a video store to a redneck fishing excursion with dynamite, there’s definitely a small town, B-movie horror movie allure to this title.

More Ghouls Night Out Reviews

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We’ve scoured the internet and found a couple more reviews if you’re still not convinced of how awesome we are.

Comic Vine: The opening two pages of this issue are nothing short of phenomenal. Flat-out, they’re not only an amazing way to set up the whole mini-series, but they are two incredibly funny pages.

Comicosity: The Pound – Ghouls Night Out surprised me in how complete a comic book it is. Rarely have I read characters as engaging as these, and married with a well-paced art style, it makes for an amazing read.