Solipsist Films Options Atomik Mike for Animated Feature Film Development

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[July 7, 2010 – Port St. Lucie, FL] Independent creators are proving that it doesn’t take a large studio to come up with a money making idea.  The summer 2008 blockbusterWanted started life as an independent comic book by Top Cow.  Since release, the movie has raked in more than $340 million worldwide.  Before Wanted, there was Dark Horse Comics’ Hellboy, which captured $260 million worldwide between two films.  Now, the indies are taking their next step, into animation, as Frozen Beach Studios announces that the comic book series Atomik Mike has been optioned by Solipsist Films for animated feature film development.

Atomik Mike was originally released as a comic book with Alias Entertainment in May 2006.  The second series and two trade paperbacks were released by Desperado Publishing. The comic book series follows the misadventures of Mike Connors and his salvage company crew as they pursue Captain Tariq and Mr. Peck, the two men responsible for transforming Mike into a monkey.

Atomik Mike is a wonderful creation by the guys at Frozen Beach.  Great story telling and we cannot wait to bring Atomik Mike and this world to life, “said the President of Solipsist Films, Stephen L’Heureux.  Solipsist Films tapped into the entrepreneurial studio Root Films to lead the production process.  Root Films will be writing, directing and overseeing design and animation with creative input from Frozen Beach throughout the process. “”The opportunity to work with Zack and Ed on our second collaboration with such a rich brand and layered characters was something we could not pass up,” L’Heureux remarked.

Stephan Nilson, president of Frozen Beach Studios, started his work with comics in 2001 with a limited budget, a small pool of independent readers and fierce competition.   Today, Nilson has optioned several of his titles.  In addition to Atomik Mike, Solipsist has optioned the Frozen Beach Studios title UpgradedThe Pound, scheduled for comic book release in Fall 2010, is optioned for theatrical development by Kevin Spacey’s production company, Trigger Street.  Government Bodies, originally released under the Across the Pond Studios imprint, is optioned with Nu Image for television development with Nilson attached to write the pilot.

Nilson readily offers advice to would-be creators.  “I guess the best advice I could give is to make sure your work is professional. Whether it’s a comic or script, TV or movie, honestly compare it to other works in the market. You have to be honest with yourself. Does it truly stack up to what people are paying to read and watch? If it doesn’t go back and fix it, and never go with your first draft no matter how awesome you think it is. There will always be something to tighten up.”

Nilson is represented by William Morris Endeavor. Visit Frozen Beach Studios at San Diego Comic Con 2010, Booth #2107.

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