More praise – We’ll take it, proudly.

Posted October 1st, 2012 by Charles Comments Off on More praise – We’ll take it, proudly.

We’ve found a couple more positive reviews for Ghouls Night Out. Check them out below, we’re happy to say Horror Talk gave us pick of the week!

Horror Talk: That humor is evident in the artwork as well. Ibrahim Moustafa keeps a light tone throughout most of the comic, however he brings the darkness when it’s time to deal with the monsters. It’s a good balance. While there’s a scene with the guys struggling to reel in the lake monster, it looks fun without being hokey or silly.

Read Comic Books: After reading The Pound, you get the sense an authentic sense of humanity that you discover in this world. From the introduction scene of a Lagoon monster intimidating a teenager at a video store to a redneck fishing excursion with dynamite, there’s definitely a small town, B-movie horror movie allure to this title.

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