About Us

Frozen Beach Studios was established in 2008 as the offspring of Across the Pond Studios. It was the dream of Stephan Nilson to expand the studio to produce not only great comics and graphic novels but start working more in multimedia with a focus on television and film. Stephan brought his idea to his close friend and long time collaborator, Charles Pritchett and immediately the two starting putting together the groundwork to launch the studio in early 2009.

Together the two creators have over twenty years experience in writing, print production, animation and filmmaking. Their combined skill set results in a perfect balance of talent and experience required to create and produce any project from start to finish.

Within two years the Studio grew, and in 2011 Bryan King and Larry Watts were brought in as editing manager and art director respectively to help manage the studios exponential growth.

The name Frozen Beach Studios is homage to the creators’ home bases in sunny Florida and the frozen coast of Prince Edward Island.

Stephan Nilson

Born and died in Okinawa. His attempt at emancipation was thwarted by the military doctor, and now resides in South Florida, which he is convinced he is still dead and this is hell. Stephan spends his days filming documentaries and informational films for the State of Florida’s Everglades restoration projects (ok, propaganda), and his evenings are filled with writing comics and filler for web sites. Stephan has been involved with many comic projects at Image, Alias and DC Comics as well as comic related projects for Smalllville, Red Dwarf and Ghost Whisperer. Stephan lives with the girl of his dreams, his dog and three cats. He hopes to upgrade to a gorilla someday.

Charles Pritchett

Brought up on the wrong side of the tracks in the bustling metropolis of Labrador City, Newfoundland Canada – Charles is really terrible at writing epic sounding biographies of his life and times. Someday he will retire, think about writing his memoir and then put it off until it’s too late. He enjoys a fine stew from time to time and has worked for Image Comics, Alias Enterprises, Arcana, and Devil’s Due amongst others.

Bryan King

Bryan is the man behind the curtain you weren’t meant to see. Our very own mighty and powerful Wizard of Oz. The man who spends enough time wrangling cats (i.e. writers and artists) as he does reading new material. Bryan started his comic career with his company Bullfrog Comics. In 2004, he and Stephan met at a convention in Las Vegas. It was there they decided to collaborate and put their differently unique talents together to produce great entertainment. Bryan took a slight leave of absence in 2008 to pursue a new venture. In 2011, after a successful three-year campaign, Bryan returned to Frozen Beach Studios to take over Production Management and Editing. With him comes a new wave of incredible books and multi-media entertainment to amaze the Frozen Beach Studios’ fans.

Larry Watts

Larry was the “find of the year” for Frozen Beach Studios in 2010. He and Stephan met at Mini-Mega Con. A t-shirt designer, printer and front man whose talent for storytelling was being foolishly overlooked by the comic community, but it didn’t stop him. It wasn’t long after that Larry joined the studio and stepped right into the role of art director. His art has been seen in several independent books, but nothing was like what he was drawing for Metal Locus. Larry’s art has been celebrated on websites like iFanboy.com. We expect Larry to blow up the comic world in 2012 with the release of Metal Locus: Hard Drive.